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How to Reach the Lady Razorbacks
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     The University of Arkansas has separate men's and women's athletic departments. The Women's Athletics Department is housed at Barnhill Arena on the west side of the main campus in Fayetteville.
     The street address and overnight shipping address for all Lady Razorback coaches and staff members is:
          University of Arkansas
          Women's Athletics
          131 Barnhill Arena
          Fayetteville, AR 72701

     Here's a short list of the main telephone numbers (NOTE: new area code is 479)
Administration 479-575-4959 479-575-7501
Ticket Office 479-575-7321 or
Ticket Office
Basketball Office 479-575-3000 479-575-7179
Gymnastics Office 479-575-4479 479-575-2203
Track, Golf, Swim, Tennis 479-575-4959 479-575-7125
Soccer, Volleyball Office 479-575-4959 479-575-7501
Communications Office 479-575-3707 479-575-7410
Academic Center 479-575-8483 479-575-7501

How to e-mail the Lady'Backs
     Click on the coach or staff member that you want to send an e-mail.
Susie Gardner, Head Coach
Amber Shirey, Asst. Coach
Johnnie Harris, Asst. Coach
Rena Holden, Asst. Coach
Kelley Waters, Dir. of Basketball Operations
Alli Clark, Graduate Assistant
Lance Harter, Head Coach
Rolando Greene, Associate Head Coach
Bryan Compton, Asst. Coach
Mike Garrison, Administrative Assistant
Kelley Hester, Head Coach
Shauna Estes, Asst. Coach
Rene Cook, Co-Head Coach
Mark Cook, Co-Head Coach
Elizabeth Jillson, Administrative Assistant
Gordon Henderson, Head Coach
Steve Oliver, Asst. Coach
Emily Janss, Asst. Coach
Jamie Pinkerton, Head Coach
Tiffany Redding, Asst. Coach
Anne Goodman James, Head Coach
Scott Reich, Diving Coach
Benji DeMotte, Asst. Coach
Michael Hegarty, Head Coach
Brandi Cox, Asst. Coach
Chris Poole, Head Coach
Holly Watts, Asst. Coach
Jenny Wilson, Asst. Coach
Lauren Venarchik, Administrative Assistant
Randy Barnett, Custodian
Tim Bearden, Asst. Athletic Trainer
Andrea Blakney, Secretary
Jana Bolding, Cheerleader Coach
Dee Dee Brown, Asst. Academic Coordinator
Chris Bouldin, Student Marketing Assistant
Julie Cain, Asst. Athletic Director
Blair Cartwright, Director of New Media
Michelle Coens, Graduate Assistant - Facilities
Aaron Collins, Clerical Assistant
Sean Collins, Asst. Athletic Trainer
Sheri DeLozier, Asst. Academic Coordinator
Keisha Dunlap, Asst. Director - Compliance
Kathi George, Secretary
Rebecca Hancock, Administrative Asst. to AD
Melissa Harwood-Rom, Assoc. AD-Academics
Kim Harter, Assoc. AD-Business
Chandra Hicks, Asst. Director - Marketing & Promotions
Clay Howell, Equipment Manager
Charolette Huffman, Custodian
Jennifer Jallo, Asst. Athletic Trainer
Chris Johnson, Asst. Academic Coordinator
Kevin Jones, Athletic Facility Supervisor
Deb Lemaster, Purchasing
Meredith Mayes, Asst. Academic Coordinator
Lisa Mayes, Ticket Office
Gi-Gi Miller, Grad. Asst. Strength Coach
J.C. Moreau, Head Strength Coach
Leigh Ann Neal, Custodian
Kara Pasker, Asst. Athletic Trainer
Phil Pierce, Communications Asst.
Chris Pohl, Assoc. AD-Marketing
Erin Punter, Marketing Assistant
Melanie Robotham, Communications Assistant
Lai Lani Rota, Secretary
Bethany Shivers, Grad. Asst. Athletic Trainer
Bill Smith, Assoc. AD-Communications
Tracey Stehlik, Senior Associate AD
Wayne Stehlik, Director of Compliance
Gary Schwartz, Director of Facilities
Jeri Thorpe, Communications Asst.
Phill Vardiman, Asst. Athletic Trainer
Tanya Webb, Business & Travel

Any Lady'Back staff member not listed, point here for the default departmental e-mail address.

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